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21 May 2014

5th “mtex” International Mobile Textiles Show and 3rd “LiMA” Lightweight Design Exhibition a roaring success in Chemnitz

Power car for high-speed trains made of an aluminium foam sandwich material on display as a world first

The 5th “mtex” International Mobile Textiles Show and the 3rd  “LiMA” Exhibition for Lightweight Design in Engineering and Plant Construction were a great success in Chemnitz on 14 – 16 May 2014 and attracted a high level of professional expertise. 88 exhibitors from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, India, Israel and Switzerland presented their range of products and services in the Free State of Saxony at the heart of one of the most important German automobile construction, engineering and textile regions. The “mtex” and “LiMA” exhibitions were held as part of the newly conceived “Chemnitz Specialist Exhibitions” alongside the SIT Saxon Industry and Technology Fair and the “IT Users’ Forum”. Almost 5,000 visitors in all examined what the 300 exhibitors – including some prestigious research institutes – unveiled and they participated in the symposiums and workshops. The organisers not only welcomed guests from Germany to the mobile textile and lightweight design exhibitions, but trade visitors from Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Russia and the Czech Republic too.
“Resource efficiency is the key to high-revenue and sustainable business practices in future. The efficiency of materials and energy when producing lightweight design structures on a large scale is a crucial issue. So we’ve geared our research work to this subject area and attracted great interest from many business sectors,” said Prof. Dr. Lothar Kroll, with great emphasis; he is the coordinator and spokesman for the unique MERGE German excellence cluster for research into lightweight design, which is based at Chemnitz University of Technology.
“The four-fold specialist exhibitions enabled us to get to know companies from other sectors too. For example, we had excellent discussions with experts from the field of mechanical engineering and the paper industry. Something like this helps us to overcome a certain degree of tunnel vision,” said Andreas Ludwig, Managing Director of Thorey Gera Textilveredelung GmbH, which is based in the German state of Thuringia, summarising his impressions.
Andreas Hämmerle, Managing Director of Teccno Tex GmbH, Höchst, and the coordinator of the joint Austrian stand, indicated that it had been worthwhile attending the “mtex” for the first time in every respect. “We’ve been able to make interesting contacts or further develop existing ones. We’ve taken home specific enquiries and we even received a few small orders. I’m sure that projects with partners from the Saxon/Thuringian industrial region will materialise in future.” The textile manufacturers Alge Elastic GmbH, Lustenau, ARULA GmbH, Mäder,  Spinnerei Feldkirch GmbH, and V-Trion GmbH, Hohenems, all based in the Austrian Vorarlberg region, demonstrated their innovative skills with a joint display.
Ronald Gerbeth, Sales Manager at Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH, underlined the quality of the contacts made at the event, “We were able to welcome guests from southern Germany and Austria, among other places. As the exhibition was held very close to our company headquarters, we achieved excellent results with relatively little outlay.  We’d like to express our appreciation for the professional organisation of the specialist exhibitions overall. Next time we hope that more automobile suppliers will attend.
The “mtex” Innovation Prize, presented for the first time, attracted a great deal of attention among the experts. The award went to Christian Franz from the Institute for Textile Machines and High-Performance Material Technology (ITM) at Dresden University of Technology.  The 28-year-old graduate engineer was honoured for his achievements within the research project known as “Warp-knit fabric structures with integrated functions”. He has developed a technology, which can be used, for example, to make the lightweight textile heating elements required for electric vehicles much more effectively than in the past (for more information, go to
Metal, wood, textile and polymer composites played the dominant role at the “LiMA” Exhibition for Lightweight Design in Engineering and Plant Construction. The Chemnitz-based developers at Voith Engineering Services and the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology displayed a world first. They presented visitors with a 1:1 model of the lightweight design power car for a high-speed train, which was made of an aluminium foam sandwich material. This enables companies to make weight savings of up to 30 percent over traditional railway vehicle concepts.
Scientists at Chemnitz University of Technology displayed an overhead conveyor system with wooden composite profiles for the automobile industry. Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH from Obertshausen also presented its composite expertise. The company is developing and producing complex profiles and hollow parts measuring up to seven metres long using a hybrid design, among other things.
The “Specialists and Students Day” at the “Chemnitz Specialist Exhibitions” held on 16 May, designed to attract young professionals to work in these fields, was very popular. The next edition of the four exhibitions will take place in May 2016.

17 May 2014

Successful premiere for new industrial exhibition cluster

Almost 5,000 visitors attend the first Chemnitz exhibition cluster involving the SIT, “mtex”, LiMA and IT Users’ Forum

The 1st Chemnitz Specialist Exhibitions finished today (16 May 2014) with a clear signal that the new cluster of industrial exhibitions was a success. Almost 5,000 visitors examined the products and services provided by more than 300 exhibitors in the vehicle and mechanical engineering, mobile textiles, metal and polymer engineering and IT sectors, service providers related to these industries and the world of research.
Exhibitors and visitors clearly showed their appreciation for the idea of combining the Saxon Industry and Technology Fair (SIT), the “mtex” International Mobile Textiles Exhibition, the LiMA Exhibition for Lightweight Design in Engineering and Plant Construction and the IT Users’ Forum. “There has been clear confirmation that the idea of merging the exhibitions was correct. We’ve managed to present an attractive exhibition, which has provided answers to current challenges in business by means of many innovations for material and resource efficiency and the event has attracted many trade visitors,” said Michael Kynast, Managing Director of C³ Chemnitzer Veranstaltungszentren GmbH, giving his initial summary.
The “Blue Train” project was one of the outstanding innovative highlights at the Chemnitz Specialist Exhibitions; it is a lightweight design and production concept for a high-speed train, which the developers at Voith Engineering Services Chemnitz and the IWU Fraunhofer Institute in Chemnitz presented to the public for the very first time. The power car is made of aluminium foam composite material and enables weight savings of up to 30 percent compared to traditional vehicle concepts.
New kinds of conveyor systems from Chemnitz University of Technology also attracted huge interest; wooden composite materials reduce the weight and lower energy requirements, but are able to cope with similar loads. The same was true of a new knitwear technology presented by Dresden University of Technology; this enables operators to manufacture e-vehicles more efficiently using textile heating elements, for example. This development attracted the “mtex Innovation Prize”, which was presented for the first time.

While it was mainly trade visitors who attended the exhibition and the specialist supporting programme on the first two days, the final day (16 May 2014) focused on career prospects for the future. Pupils and students gained admission free of charge on this day and were able to obtain more information about jobs, training places, placements and writing university dissertations. Pupils and students had already shown interest in more than 100 offers made available in advance on the Internet portals of Chemnitz Trade Fair Centre, Chemnitz Economic Development Corporation (CWE) and the Chemnitz Technology Centre (TCC).

Exhibitors’ opinions
Pierre Seidel, Marketing Manager, Niles-Simmons Industrieanlagen GmbH:
As our company has its headquarters in Chemnitz, it was quite natural for us to attend the exhibitions. One of the main reasons why we made use of the exhibition was because it offers an opportunity to recruit specialist workers. It should certainly be possible to further expand this aspect in future, for example, in cooperation with the Saxon Industry Association. The purchasing sector should play a greater role in future too. It would be worth considering a specialist symposium that brings together purchasers and suppliers.
Sabine Rabenhold, Marketing, Sitec Industrietechnologie GmbH:
The combination of exhibitions, which were held in isolation in the past, is a very positive development. This provides an opportunity to show off the region’s economic potential in a way that was not possible in the past and it offers an excellent opportunity for networking. In order to attract even greater attention, it would be preferable if the big names in the automobile industry and their suppliers attended the fairs.
Holger Wandelt, Managing Director, Coreku GmbH & Co. KG:
We’re more than satisfied with our first appearance at the exhibition. A huge number of visitors showed interest in our services, which involve labelling machines and plant with lasers. It’s highly likely that we’ll gain many new customers. We were able to discuss technical solutions in detail on the stand and will work on the first prototypes next week. We were also able to determine the needs for labelling in the field of technical textiles thanks to the broad exhibition concept. We’ll definitely come back in two years’ time.
Dirk Beyreuther, Customer Services, apikal Anlagenbau GmbH:
It was our aim to introduce “apikal” to a wider group of people as a supplier in the field of compressed air equipment. We succeeded, not least because we planned our exhibition stand very well. We were delighted to win the “Champion” exhibition prize too. We can only say to anybody, “It’s worth preparing your exhibition stand in great detail.”
Having many sectors all under one roof was another positive effect: as we’re involved in just about every sector with our services, we made many interesting contacts.

Andreas Ludwig, Managing Director, Thorey Gera Textilveredelung GmbH:
Attending the “mtex” paid off for us in every respect. We were able to welcome our regular customers and make new contacts. The combined exhibition quartet enabled us to get to know companies from other sectors too. For example, we held positive discussions with representatives from the mechanical engineering and paper industries. Something like this helps you to overcome a certain degree of tunnel vision when it comes to business operations.
Ronald Gerbeth, Sales Manager, Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH:
We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the contacts made at this year’s “mtex” exhibition. Among other things, we were able to welcome guests from southern Germany and Austria. And pupils and students showed interest in our company on the specialist workers’ day. As the exhibition took place close to our company headquarters, we were able to achieve excellent results with relatively little outlay. We’d like to express our appreciation for the professional organisation of the specialist exhibitions overall. Next time we hope that more automobile suppliers will attend.
Alexander Hoffmann, Managing Director, ARC Solutions GmbH:
We held interesting discussions both with visitors and other exhibitors and attracted plenty of people to the lectures at the IT Users Forum. We particularly wanted to appeal to design specialists. But there were too few people present from this sector. We will need to work with Chemnitz Trade Fair Centre to see how we can tackle this issue in future.
Mario Eiselt, Sales Manager, ibes AG:
We made excellent contacts, particularly on the first two days of the exhibition. That is due to the new exhibition concept, which makes it possible to get to know other sectors and companies. We were able to welcome completely new groups of visitors on our stand.