Die Leichtbaumesse
29. - 30. Mai 2018
Messe Chemnitz


1 Where can I park and what are the parking fees?

There are 2,400 parking spaces at the trade fair site. There are parking spaces for the disabled near the entrances. The parking fee is normally EUR 3.00 and is collected by parking officials at the entrance.

2 Are there any catering facilities available at the events?

We try to meet our guests’ catering needs at every event. There are enough catering facilities available.

3 Are there any cloakrooms at Chemnitz Trade Fair Centre?

There are enough cloakrooms for visitors in the foyer.

4 Where is it possible to smoke?

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas at the trade fair centre. If you cannot find one of these smoking areas, please approach our staff on the doors.Are dogs allowed to come to events?

5 Are dogs allowed at events?

Dogs are allowed on the trade fair site if they are on a leash. However, dogs are not allowed in the trade fair hall. Dog cages are available to house your animal during your stay at the event. Please approach our staff at the doors regarding this matter. Dogs for the blind are of course not subject to this restriction.

6 Is there an EC cashpoint on the premises?

Yes, the trade fair premises are equipped with a cashpoint from the Sparkasse Chemnitz just on the left of the main entrance.

7 Is there a lost property office?

If you notice the loss immediately, please contact our admittance staff.
All found items are collected at the central administration (ground floor, hall 2) after the event.
You can reach the administration at +49 371/380 38-100.

8 Does Chemnitz Trade Fair Centre cater for the needs of the disabled?

Yes, the parking spaces are at ground level and the halls themselves have toilets that are suitable for the disabled and also have a lift. (see also header Accessibility)